3 Stick Handling Tiles Drills

When we talk about stick handling tiles we are generally referring to slick tiles, which are better known as dryland hockey flooring tiles. With so many names for one object, it is easy to see why so many people get confused with this topic. Not to add to the confusion mix, but understand that slick tiles are not synthetic ice. Although they are close, they are different in big ways. Either way, both make excellent hockey flooring areas, it all depends on your particular needs on which one would be a better choice.

In any event, we wanted to share a few drills with those of you that would prefer practice over sitting on the couch. It is probably safe to assume that if you have hockey flooring of any type installed that you are serious enough about the game that you want to play, and get better at it. We have put together a few key stickhandling drills that you can put to use on whatever kind of flooring that you have in place. Please note that if you have dryland hockey tiles for your flooring, that you can not ice skate on it. Dryland tiles are made for shoes or rollerblades only. These next drills you can do in skates or shoes, it doesn’t matter.

Left Right Left

With this drill, you will need one puck or biscuit to practice with. Your choice. It is pretty easy to do but will build your stamina and accuracy with the stick and puck. Start out with your puck directly in front of you on the flooring. With your stick tap your puck to the left, then stop it and slap it to the right. At first, slap it only a couple of inches, but with each time you go back allow it to slide further until you reach the farthest length you are able from right to left. Allow your arms to stretch out as far as they can while keeping your stick close to the ground on each side. Stretch and repeat 10 times.

Criss Cross Shoot

For this exercise, you will need a shooting tarp set up for the best results. You will also need a good-sized pile of pucks ready to go within reach unless you want to go chasing your pucks every time you hit them. This is a simple, but great exercise. Have your pile of pucks to the back of you so you have to turn around to get them. With the shooting tarp in front of you and the pile of pucks behind you, turn to the pucks and pull one out. Use the hook of your stick to pull it towards you. Once you get the puck in front of you slap it up to the right, down to the left like a criss-cross, then snipe it into the goalie on the shooting tarp. Continue this drill until your pile of pucks is gone.

Full Circle

For this one, you will only need one puck. This is an exercise that will help you to develop your accuracy skills as well as your muscle memory. Start out with your stick directly in front of you with a puck about arm’s length out in front of you. Gently guide the puck in a circular motion in front of you in about a two-foot radius. Just large enough for you to form a circle without having to stretch out too far to do it. Now, at first, when you create the circle with the puck stand still and do it. Repeat two or three times, then turn your body in a circle as you create the circle with your puck and stick. You don’t have to go very fast as you do this, there is no need to get dizzy, just slowly create circles in front of you as you turn in a circle. Repeat as many times as you feel is necessary.


Now you have three more drills that you can add to your training toolbox. If they don’t work for you, try different ones. Each person has their own needs as far as practice goes, and some might need more practice in other areas than others. The main thing is that you keep on practicing no matter what and become better than you were the day before.


Tips To Enhance Performance In Exams

Students should get themselves resourceful and learn new things. ‘Learn today to Earn tomorrow’ is the statement which they often hear from elders frequently. Every student must remember that learning is the stepping stone to achieve success. Hard work with dedication is the main key to score well in examinations. Most of the students panic before attempting board exams. In order to get rid of this problem, students are advised to learn the concepts on the same day which they hear in class hours. This also helps them in building confidence and face the exam fearlessly.

The textbooks are designed to make the subjects easier for students and to boost learning abilities at different ages. It plays as a main source of information helping them with their exam preparation. The solutions are designed in a simple and lucid manner by the experienced teachers in the respective subject. Students often get confused to select the best study material among various available in the market. To help students from this problem, expert faculty have designed the solutions in an interactive manner after conducting vast research on each concept.

Maths is one such subject, which includes a lot of derivatives and formulas. Hence, students must practice on a daily basis after each chapter to understand the covered topics in depth. This also helps them to self analyse the area of weakness and work on them based on the current syllabus of CBSE board. Those who find Maths as a complex subject, are advised to follow RD Sharma Solutions to improve problem solving skills. Practising these solutions on a regular basis help them to enhance logical thinking and time management skills which is essential from an exam perspective.

Following Are The Tips To Help Students In Exam Preparation

Choose Right Study Resource

Among various study materials available in the market, it is important to select the correct resource for exam preparation. With the aim of helping students in this issue, we bring here RD Sharma textbooks which includes the concepts in a descriptive manner as per students intelligence quotient. Following the RD Sharma books also helps them in higher studies and other competitive exam preparation.

Work On Important Formulas And Derivatives

Students must give more attention to formulas and derivatives which are essential from an exam point of view. Practising the problems with formulas and derivatives help them to score more marks in the final exams. RD Sharma books help students with wide range of problems and make them familiar with the questions that would appear in board exams

Revise Using Previous Year Question Papers And Sample Papers

Examiners who set the question paper follow the pattern of previous year and sample papers over several years. Hence it is necessary for students to revise the problems using previous year question papers. This also helps them to analyse the important questions which have been asked repeatedly.

Self Study On The Weak Topics


Students must self analyse the area of weaknesses and work on them on a regular basis to enhance the performance in the exams. Hence, students need to work hard on the important topics along with studying the topics covered in the textbooks.

Students can make use of solutions PDF both on-line and offline mode during exam preparation to grasp the concepts within a short span of time. These solutions in a lucid manner help them to solve the complex problems effortlessly. Hence, students who want to obtain proficiency in solving the complex problems are suggested to practice  RD Sharma Solutions for Class 10 Maths thoroughly. These solutions also create interest among students who find obstacles in solving the problems.


What are the Statistics of Child Abduction?

For the most part, child abduction statistics are only a snapshot of the information that is available. Over the years, official statistics are built from the records that come through government channels such as court proceedings and police reports. The problem with this is that, sadly enough, not everybody reports abducted children. Sometimes this is a big, bad cruel world where people exploit their own children for money or drugs. As for the accurate account of all child abductions, there is no way to know.

Protecting Children

Although most of the children that are reported missing end up being found safe and sound with a family member, there are a number of cases that do not end so well. One of the best ways to prevent child tragedies like this is to be aware of possible dangers that are in your neighborhood. Kids Live Safe is an organization that loves to keep kids safe from the dangers of sexual predators. Regardless of what the true statistics are when it comes to child abductions, one child is too many. We can stop these problems before they happen simply by knowing the truth.

Neighborhood Sexual Predator Search

Because of the laws that were put into place to protect children, all convicted sex offenders in the United States are required, by law, to register with the stature that they committed their crimes in. This means that all of their information is available for the public to see. However, if you don’t know where to look for it, you may never know the story. With Kids Live Safe, you get access to the most robust databases in the world and can do a sex offender search based on an address or a zipcode that you punch into the search bar. It is as simple as that. Within minutes you can see the truth about your neighbors and who is around your kids. Try not to be too shocked, though. You never know.

Get Regular Updates

Kids Live Safe members get to have fresh, live updates on the neighborhoods that they choose. If a sex offender moves within five miles of any three addresses that you choose, you will get an email with the details of the offender. This way you will always know when an offender moves close to you and can prepare to handle things accordingly.

Kids Live Safe Searches

The thing that makes Kids Live Safe different from the other web search platforms is that you get the whole picture when you do a search. Once you find out the name of the person, you can do a whole background check on them and see the whole history of their criminal activities. Many sex offender search places only show you if the person has had any sex offenses. Kids Live Safe shows you everything. You can see:

  • Arrest history
  • Criminal convictions
  • Driving records
  • Lawsuits
  • Divorces
  • Family
  • Addresses

With this type of information, you will be able to run checks on anybody in your neighborhood and see what they have been up to and if they are a threat. Find out for yourself how you can be part of the solution today and visit


Smart Home Automation For Android

Home is where life is and hence it is essential to give it the best and smart house to offer all the comfort, safety, and love. The fact is that with smart home automation more than 75% properly feel confident and 50% can save a lot of money and time.

We are not just firing up the number in the air but it is an undeniable fact that we are living with. The smart processes are convenient and easy to manage with home automation. To give you a better idea of the whole system, let us walk you through it.

Working Of Home Automation

Being a part of the fast-paced world, it is essential to embrace a comfortable environment that makes us return home in safety. This offers unique solutions that help in working up with the problems easily with the right set of understanding and technological advancement like IoT (Internet of Things).

We all know that internet-connected objects fall under the category of IoT that is thriving and changing the world. It helps in collecting data in the right way, analyzing it, and then sharing it accordingly. It offers a unique solution to make the right decisions with enhanced comfort and safety.

If we go in terms of the stats then there are more than 20 billion units of devices connected to the internet. This is farby the highest number that is thriving with the promising technology of the smart automation of home. But before diving deeper into the working of home automation or hiring the leading mobile app development company for the projects, it is best to know more about it. remote pc monitoring software

Home Technology – Past & Future

We are living in an ear where IoT has widely expanded the way we look and feel for automation in everyday life. It is not becoming a great way to turn away the monotonous routine of our lives and giving it a push of smart devices that can help us grow.

In 1961, the first IoT discovery began with the Lutron Electronics Company Inc. light bulb inventions that can adjust the brightness using a device. This was the first idea of the smart home that began to change an entire world with its advanced technology and features. In 1978, the power grid was used to control household appliances easily.

Smart home automation includes security and monitoring of the device in the right manner. This includes:


  • Climate control that helps in controlling heating and air conditioning.
  • Lighting and power system that helps in managing the light sources and adjust natural light with blinds and curtains.
  • Intelligence video and audio control systems.
  • Accessing security and control for the sensors, surveillance, etc.
  • Engineering systems and communication.

It is a dream come true and the best thing is that we can even control it with our mobile devices. It can be used to control the air conditioning, managing the heat, switching on the microwave, etc. This can also include the personal preferences of users through which they can regulate temperature, control the climate of their house, and whatnot.

The fact is that smart home automation is beyond expectations now and it is slowly becoming the reality of our living life. Even the on demand app development company is opting for such technologies that work automatically with the topmost trends.

The smart houses are so in trend (Bill Gates has one) that contains security cameras that scan and keep all the necessary information in the database. It helps in identifying the faces of the people around and even checking the territory information.

Smart home automation is also so in the trend that allows users to turn off the light, memorizes the tastes, and whatnot. It also accompanies the pleasant musical scenarios that can be set out for a long time.

The major home automation system contains different factors that include:

  • Sensors are the ones that keep the external conditions in check with the humidity sensors, temperature, movement, glass breakage, detecting leaks, opening doors, and whatnot.
  • Hub is another aspect that is included in the home automation system that contains smart device interactions with the main controller. It is easy to manage with the conjunction of the overall setup.
  • Actuators are next in line that includes the smart sockets, switches, climate controller, sirens, pipes smart valves, etc. to execute the commands,

The smart home app development has come up as a major factor that can be included in the list that is used to control the device over the internet connectivity easily. It is essential to make sure that the systems don’t consume any extra energy or are high power that can maintain the battery life as well.

With this, smart home automation is not becoming the future of the development industry and it is the right time that we should embrace it with open arms.


How The Apple Stock Becomes An Essential One For All Investors?

There are different kinds of investments are available but the apple stock remains the highly preferred one. Every year the value of this stock is increased because of its excellent growth and there is nothing that will restore the value of it at any time. You wish also to suggest this to those who need this also this order be extra supportive of them. Most of the people are started to utilize this stock and now they are all leading their peaceful life.

Try To Invest In It 

Multiple people are having gained from this amazing one and the users are giving excellent reviews about it. You will also be more comfortable choosing this stock and it will keep you away from high risk. Some people are assuming that the stock market investment will be more costly but it is not like that when you are choosing the safest stock. It is highly suggested for beginners and it will never be the unwanted one at any time.

If you are started to investing in it regularly you will get an amazing result from it and there is no one can underestimate the value of it at any time. The apple stock is the ultimate one to make your money into the valuable one and no one will underestimate the value of it at any time. You wish also to recommend this to those who need this also this order be added helpful for them.

Get The Better Result Form It 

This is the highest safest stock when compared to the other so you no need to bother about anything. Some people are investing their whole money in the same stock and surely it will lead to high risk. So try to split your money and invest in the various stocks then only you will keep away from high risk. Still, there are no poor reviews are appear on this stock and it indicates that everyone likes to choose this with more satisfaction.

You will also be more comfortable choosing this and it will never be the unwanted one at any time. Don’t miss this amazing stock for any cause and surely you will admire the value of it. This is the valid one when compared to other stocks. Now you will get an excellent idea about the advantages of choosing this stock so try to share the merits of it with everyone and it will be more helpful for them. You can check its cash flow at before investing.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.


People Enjoying The Best Services Of The Sunnyvale Kitchen Remodeling At Their Homes

Waste Issues:

Typically, a large number of the general population jumps at the chance to redesign their home with the most recent embellishing thoughts for staying up with the latest. They search for various redesigning thoughts that are in form before beginning and the revamping thoughts continue changing with time. These sorts of issues must be tackled by the kitchen remodeling contractor Sunnyvale.

Waste Crises:

There are the best handymen accessible in Sunnyvale who has been helping many individuals with the seepage issues at their homes. This is the motivation behind why the Sunnyvale kitchen remodeling administrations have turned out to be so much prominent all around the globe. The activity of the handyman is to manage the waste issues of the houses well, so that there won’t be any sort of issues staying for the general population. In any case, the greater part of the occasions the issues of the waste happens due to the precipitation or alternate things like that. Be that as it may, a portion of the occasions the crises likewise happen at the homes of the general population when they require these handymen on critical premise. This is the time when these handymen need to demonstrate to them their productive administrations.

Sunnyvale Kitchen Remodeling Administrations:

Kitchen Remodeling

Individuals know this extremely exceptionally well that the majority of the pipes benefits more often than not happen even from a pessimistic standpoint time when individuals locate no conceivable route around them for the assistance. This is the time when individuals require the assistance of these handymen the most. Around then, there are no administrations superior to the Sunnyvale handymen who have been helping many individuals for an extensive stretch of time.

Proficient Staff:

The best group of handymen is accessible with the Sunnyvale administrations of pipes who know exceptionally well how to manage the seepage issues professionally. The best thing about these handymen is that they discover the issue inside a couple of minutes that what is the reason for the seepage and after that begins their work to settle the issue. This is a standout amongst the most widely recognized reasons why such a large number of individuals get a kick out of the chance to procure the handymen from these administrations, with the goal that they don’t need to confront any sort of bother while getting the seepage issue settled in their homes.

5 Golden Characteristics Of The Expert Option Traders

5 Golden Characteristics Of The Expert Option Traders

We know that option trading is one of the well-known themes or topics in Forex trading. This business indicates an agreement that permits an investor to purchase or sell some tools, for example, ETF, security, and so on. So, the investors who are engaged in this business are called option traders.

Benefits Of Option Trading

When a Forex investor invests his or her hard-earned money in option trading, they enjoy some facilities of this trade. The maximum benefit of this investment is that it is less risky than equities as in option trading, the less monetary agreement is required.

So, by realizing the merits of option trading, if anyone desires to be a successful option trader, they should hold the following traits or characteristics within him or her.

Follow These Golden Characteristics Of The Successful Option Traders

1. Risk Management Capacity

One of the golden attributes of the successful option traders is having risk maintenance power. Since option trading consists of high-risk factors, it will be better to measure the actual risks in your business and take some precautionary steps to lessen the chances. As a practical risk management step, you should limit your trade size within a particular level and diversify it. Besides, you have to emphasize money management strategies. Beware of investing all money or capital in one trade only. Thus, if you can manage these things aptly, you can be successful in this business arena. Read more about risk managed at Saxo and you will become more confident with trading.

2. Have A Knowledge Of Essential Terms

Another golden characteristic of the successful option traders is keeping a vivid idea about the fundamental terms like gamma, delta, Vega, and theta of option trading. If you gather good ideas about these terms, you will trace different factors in evaluation and tactic.

3. Be Disciplined

We can opine that being disciplined is the prerequisite of the progressive option traders. Hence, it would help if you led a disciplined life in all the stages of your life. Along with discipline, you should also exercise the other invaluable virtues like punctuality and frugality. In this way, you can notice that you can save both the time and money. In addition to this, you can control your emotions and can make wise trade decisions always.

4. Be Tolerant

Among the golden characteristics of the successful option traders, tolerance is a mentionable one. When we research, we find that the world reputed option businessmen are very patient to find the right opportunity. They avoid the tendency of wining in every trading transaction carefully. The dissimilarity between an amateur trader and a pro-businessman is that the former group is very impatient, so they often make haste to enter or exit from a trade. They cannot restrict their natural impulses, so their trading career will fall in threat. Oppositely, the later people can keep their endurance for a suitable timeframe to enter or exit from an investment. Besides, they have a competency to control their passions. Hence, their trading performance becomes superb always.

5. Choosing A Suitable Trading Strategy

You know that there are many types of business strategies or tactics, for instance, day trading, swing trading, position trading, time decay trading, and vice versa. To succeed, you need to develop a trading procedure that is adjustable to your personality. We generally find that some investors are comfortable with the day trading process as they can buy or sell their option all day and earn small revenues. On the other hand, other people are interested in the position trading strategy to gain extraordinary volatility and time decay facilities. So, determine your trading procedure according to your tendency.


To conclude, option are the mentionable tools of the financial market, and option trading is hazardous. If you dream of building a career here, then adopt the mentioned traits in your character.

5 Best Indoor Plants For Bathroom

5 Best Indoor Plants For Bathroom

Decorating your entire home and garden with awesome plants and forgot about the bathroom? Yes, most of us do. But if you are thinking that plants won’t survive inside the bathroom, then you are absolutely wrong as there are many fabulous plants that thrive well in any condition. The temperature in the bathroom always changes and in some of the bathrooms, there isn’t sufficient light as well. So, what are the plants that you can opt for your bathroom space? Well, the answer lies ahead. Scroll down below and have a look at the different plants that we listed down. You will surely find an amazing plant for your bathroom.

Peace Lily

Dark washrooms are an amazing environment for one of the best air purifying plants – peace lily which needs minimal light however cherishes hot tropical conditions. This plant blooms wonderful blossoms that will add a touch of style to your washroom as well. You can place it near the washbasin for perfect growth.

Golden Pothos

This climbing plant is ideal for little washrooms with constrained space, as it very well can be hung high or hung across even the most abnormal of edges. The brilliant pothos can easily sustain in different types of lighting conditions and it adores warm temperatures. Pothos will likewise root promptly from cuttings, which means if you need to propagate this plant all through your home, basically cut a stem to incorporate 3 to 5 nodes.

Boston Fern

The Boston fern hails from the subtropical and tropical rainforest, making it a perfect plant for a warm and wet washroom. These ferns do need a decent amount of indirect light; a lot of direct light will consume the leaves, while no light will hinder development and cause the plant to turn yellow. Give it a fog on days that are particularly dry.

Spider Plant

This low-light pand low-maintenance plant just loves dampness, making it the ideal washroom plant. Spider plants will develop a lot without any efforts, especially when kept under direct sunlight, so some light pruning might be required if you need to keep this plant for a long time.

ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, a charming leaf plant that is very hard to kill. The ZZ flourishes in both low and direct light and can easily survive in humid or moist conditions. It is native to Zanzibar where dampness is high and temperature swings from 30° to 90° C consistently. Can be placed near the windows of your bathroom or near the washbasin.

So, these were different bathroom plants from which you can choose some for your bathroom. Get the plants potted in the vase matching your bathroom’s theme and colours. You can also go for DIY vases or hanging pots for a vintage and unique look. Buy the plants from your local nursery or an online nursery. Hope you find the article useful. Share it with your friends and family so that they also add a dash of greenery to their bathroom space. Have a good day!

Knowing Everything Punjab Judiciary Syllabus 2020

Knowing Everything Punjab Judiciary Syllabus 2020

Punjab Judicial exam is a test that filters the best candidates for various posts under the Civil Judge section. The Punjab High court conducts this exam to find out the best suitable candidates for various posts. If you are up for Punjab Judiciary Preparation, you should know everything about the exam. This guide will help you know about various stages and syllabus of the exam.

The Punjab judiciary exam commences in three stages. The first stage is a preliminary test. This is an objective type test in which you have to choose the right answers among Multiple-choice questions. On qualifying the 1st stage of the exam, you will move on to the second stage. This is a descriptive exam in written format. After the second stage, you will face the final stage, which is Viva-voce. It is an interview type test in which the interviewer will ask you questions relevant to Punjab Judiciary Syllabus.

Punjab Judicial Exam 2020 Overview

Name of the Exam  Punjab Judicial exam
Conducting body  Punjab High court
Stages of the exam  prelims, Mains, Viva-voce
Modes of the exam Prelims-online



Punjab Judicial Exam Pattern

Prelims Exam Pattern

The prelims exam is an online test. You will get questions worth of 125 marks. It also involves negative markings of 0.20% marks for each wrong answer. The whole marking scheme for prelims exams is 500 marks.

Subjects In Prelims

  • Current affairs
  • Indian legal and constitutional history and governance
  • Reasoning
  • Aptitude

Punjab Judicial Main Exam Pattern

The main exam will offer you five papers. Except for the language, all other paper offers you 200 marks.

Paper And Topics

  • Paper-one- civil law- 200 marks
  • Two- civil law-200 marks
  • Three- criminal law- 200 marks
  • Four- English language- 200 marks
  • Five- Punjabi Language- 150 marks

The 50 great books on education

Eligibility Criteria For Punjab Judicial Exams 2020

If you are an aspirant for the Punjab judicial exams, you should make sure that you qualify all the below criteria.

Educational qualifications- If you want to apply for the Punjab Judicial exams, you must hold a law degree from any law university. Further, the university should also be recognized by the government.

You also should be registered as an advocate, as per the advocate Act, 1961.

Age requirement- If you want to apply for the Punjab judicial services, you should make sure that you are above 22 years old. And you should also be less than thirty-five years old. This is the upper age limit to qualify.

General requirements- any individual applying for Punjab Judiciary must have sound health. He/she should be an inhabitant of India. And most essential point to consider is the aspirant must not have any history in criminal cases.

Application Process

If you want to apply for the Punjab Judicial exam, you must apply for the test following the below steps.

  • You have to visit the official platform of the Punjab public service commission.
  • On visiting the website, you have to click on the application link.
  • Once you visit the application form, furnish all your details
  • Upload your scanned picture and signature in the desired size
  • Pay the application fee and submit the form.

Wrapping up, these were some essential points about Punjab Judicial exams. If you want to crack the judicial exam in the first attempt, you must prepare your best.