Tips To Enhance Performance In Exams

Students should get themselves resourceful and learn new things. ‘Learn today to Earn tomorrow’ is the statement which they often hear from elders frequently. Every student must remember that learning is the stepping stone to achieve success. Hard work with dedication is the main key to score well in examinations. Most of the students panic before attempting board exams. In order to get rid of this problem, students are advised to learn the concepts on the same day which they hear in class hours. This also helps them in building confidence and face the exam fearlessly.

The textbooks are designed to make the subjects easier for students and to boost learning abilities at different ages. It plays as a main source of information helping them with their exam preparation. The solutions are designed in a simple and lucid manner by the experienced teachers in the respective subject. Students often get confused to select the best study material among various available in the market. To help students from this problem, expert faculty have designed the solutions in an interactive manner after conducting vast research on each concept.

Maths is one such subject, which includes a lot of derivatives and formulas. Hence, students must practice on a daily basis after each chapter to understand the covered topics in depth. This also helps them to self analyse the area of weakness and work on them based on the current syllabus of CBSE board. Those who find Maths as a complex subject, are advised to follow RD Sharma Solutions to improve problem solving skills. Practising these solutions on a regular basis help them to enhance logical thinking and time management skills which is essential from an exam perspective.

Following Are The Tips To Help Students In Exam Preparation

Choose Right Study Resource

Among various study materials available in the market, it is important to select the correct resource for exam preparation. With the aim of helping students in this issue, we bring here RD Sharma textbooks which includes the concepts in a descriptive manner as per students intelligence quotient. Following the RD Sharma books also helps them in higher studies and other competitive exam preparation.

Work On Important Formulas And Derivatives

Students must give more attention to formulas and derivatives which are essential from an exam point of view. Practising the problems with formulas and derivatives help them to score more marks in the final exams. RD Sharma books help students with wide range of problems and make them familiar with the questions that would appear in board exams

Revise Using Previous Year Question Papers And Sample Papers

Examiners who set the question paper follow the pattern of previous year and sample papers over several years. Hence it is necessary for students to revise the problems using previous year question papers. This also helps them to analyse the important questions which have been asked repeatedly.

Self Study On The Weak Topics


Students must self analyse the area of weaknesses and work on them on a regular basis to enhance the performance in the exams. Hence, students need to work hard on the important topics along with studying the topics covered in the textbooks.

Students can make use of solutions PDF both on-line and offline mode during exam preparation to grasp the concepts within a short span of time. These solutions in a lucid manner help them to solve the complex problems effortlessly. Hence, students who want to obtain proficiency in solving the complex problems are suggested to practice  RD Sharma Solutions for Class 10 Maths thoroughly. These solutions also create interest among students who find obstacles in solving the problems.

Knowing Everything Punjab Judiciary Syllabus 2020

Knowing Everything Punjab Judiciary Syllabus 2020

Punjab Judicial exam is a test that filters the best candidates for various posts under the Civil Judge section. The Punjab High court conducts this exam to find out the best suitable candidates for various posts. If you are up for Punjab Judiciary Preparation, you should know everything about the exam. This guide will help you know about various stages and syllabus of the exam.

The Punjab judiciary exam commences in three stages. The first stage is a preliminary test. This is an objective type test in which you have to choose the right answers among Multiple-choice questions. On qualifying the 1st stage of the exam, you will move on to the second stage. This is a descriptive exam in written format. After the second stage, you will face the final stage, which is Viva-voce. It is an interview type test in which the interviewer will ask you questions relevant to Punjab Judiciary Syllabus.

Punjab Judicial Exam 2020 Overview

Name of the Exam  Punjab Judicial exam
Conducting body  Punjab High court
Stages of the exam  prelims, Mains, Viva-voce
Modes of the exam Prelims-online



Punjab Judicial Exam Pattern

Prelims Exam Pattern

The prelims exam is an online test. You will get questions worth of 125 marks. It also involves negative markings of 0.20% marks for each wrong answer. The whole marking scheme for prelims exams is 500 marks.

Subjects In Prelims

  • Current affairs
  • Indian legal and constitutional history and governance
  • Reasoning
  • Aptitude

Punjab Judicial Main Exam Pattern

The main exam will offer you five papers. Except for the language, all other paper offers you 200 marks.

Paper And Topics

  • Paper-one- civil law- 200 marks
  • Two- civil law-200 marks
  • Three- criminal law- 200 marks
  • Four- English language- 200 marks
  • Five- Punjabi Language- 150 marks

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Eligibility Criteria For Punjab Judicial Exams 2020

If you are an aspirant for the Punjab judicial exams, you should make sure that you qualify all the below criteria.

Educational qualifications- If you want to apply for the Punjab Judicial exams, you must hold a law degree from any law university. Further, the university should also be recognized by the government.

You also should be registered as an advocate, as per the advocate Act, 1961.

Age requirement- If you want to apply for the Punjab judicial services, you should make sure that you are above 22 years old. And you should also be less than thirty-five years old. This is the upper age limit to qualify.

General requirements- any individual applying for Punjab Judiciary must have sound health. He/she should be an inhabitant of India. And most essential point to consider is the aspirant must not have any history in criminal cases.

Application Process

If you want to apply for the Punjab Judicial exam, you must apply for the test following the below steps.

  • You have to visit the official platform of the Punjab public service commission.
  • On visiting the website, you have to click on the application link.
  • Once you visit the application form, furnish all your details
  • Upload your scanned picture and signature in the desired size
  • Pay the application fee and submit the form.

Wrapping up, these were some essential points about Punjab Judicial exams. If you want to crack the judicial exam in the first attempt, you must prepare your best.


Get Your School Instruction Free

As a rule, if a producer creates an item for a dollar, when it achieves the retail retire to be valued at ten dollars, there have been various standard markups in expense to represent all procedures and administrations required to get the item there. Also, there is a bookkeeping of what the retailer thinks with respect to the selectiveness of the item and the market interest for the item. All things considered, if the retailer trusts that it can get ten dollars for every item unit, at that point it will do its best to get the item as near the one dollar creation cost, to expand the edge (net benefit after deal).

Like some other item, the business needs to pay as meager as workable for you and your administrations. The most skilled and gainful of you will add to, completely deliver or move unquestionably more incentive than you cost your boss yearly.

While the privileged and a portion of the rich may view a school/college training as an all inclusive situated, social completing background for the youthful grown-ups in their families, the current and creating common (white collar class) ought to perceive school as the following stage toward their own achievement in the market. Expansive, non-centered advancement of assorted social encounters, learning and related delicate aptitudes is of constrained market esteem and can’t be defended in a return for capital invested thought. The suggestion isn’t that we ought to forego showing human sciences. Notwithstanding, quite a bit of advanced education has floated so distant from attractive to the corporate world that it is relatively criminal to propose to an understudy that s/he should study such subjects, substantially less pay for the “opportunity”.

The advanced education industry asserts that because of their instruction and preparing you will be paid by industry. In any case, as schools center more around extending their human sciences, expressive arts, stimulation (counting sports) divisions and to a lesser degree upon that which backings and drives showcases, the more alumni complete school with lesser attractive learning and aptitudes. Most schools are not responsible for delivering work explicit, work getting to moves on from every understudy enlisted. Some have even diminished vocation to the reciprocals of in-house, electronic occupation sheets. Further trading off the procedure, business, as the essential recipient of accomplished pools of competitors, are not paying for your preparation as it did at the beginning of the American Mechanical Insurgency.

On the off chance that schools and colleges wish to advance exceptionally wide course indexes and advanced education encounters, possibly they ought to persuade all regarding industry that they are giving the preparation/training their forthcoming representatives require. Possibly they ought to try and be demanding installment from corporate America for instruction/preparing administrations rendered, helpful situation, and to enhance the business training framework relationship importance.


Discovering Accomplishment After School

Graduating understudies might want to locate the way to progress, as they enter the universe of work. Since most have a restricted measure of work understanding and don’t generally realize what is anticipated from them, they might want to locate a demonstrated way they can pursue. Here it is:

Employment Offers – Look for occupation offers in your territories of solidarity. Businesses need you to add to the achievement of the organization. You stand a more noteworthy possibility of doing that when you begin in an occupation that exploits your qualities.

Organization Culture – Research the way of life in which you will work. What condition makes you feel good? Each organization and each division has a working style. Do some online research and endeavor to converse with representatives, previous workers, clients and contenders.

Associates – Meet and make a judgment about the general population you will work with. On the off chance that you detest your supervisor and the general population you will work with, it will appear. That isn’t something that will lead you to progress.

Beginning – Recall, you are the new worker, “the school child,” and you don’t yet know how things function around there. You might be book keen, yet there is a long way to go about the general population, the items and administrations and the techniques for task. Your first occupation is to ‘fit in.’

The Work – Acknowledge assignments and duty enthusiastically. On the off chance that you need to advance into the administration positions, you should initially indicate others that you can take care of business as a person. Later you should take care of business in gatherings or on groups and when driving a gathering.

Make inquiries – Acquaint yourself with everybody you meet. Show others that you are keen on the activity, the organization and need to learn however much as could reasonably be expected. The quicker you assemble the data and take in the ropes the quicker you will end up being an individual from the group.

Your Demeanor – Offer everybody an uplifting frame of mind, an incredible grin and a benevolent word. This abbreviation will enable you to recall that creation a decent impression begins with your frame of mind: A Modest Thing Inside That At last Decides Everything.

Arrangement – Get the data, apparatuses, aptitudes and help you will require. Carrying out any responsibility well requires thinking ahead and readiness.

Be Useful – help other people. Your readiness to help your kindred representatives will go far toward picking up their help when it is required.

Connections – Assemble constructive associations with the general population you experience. On the off chance that the general population in the organization like you, your odds for progress increment. When they don’t care for you, there is minimal possibility for you to endure.

Work Quality – Do your best work. Managers need individuals who perform at an abnormal state with steady quality and a high level of unwavering quality. They should trust that they can depend on you.

Assurance – Drive forward even with hindrances and challenges. Barely any assignments will be simple or go easily. Bosses require individuals who can discover worthy approaches to conquer the difficulties they experience.

Due dates – Beat any due dates. As a rule, you should complete your activity first, so another person can utilize your outcomes to complete their activity. Missing a due date will hurt your notoriety and upset the accomplishment of your manager.

Results – Endeavor to accomplish results that are more noteworthy than anticipated. Bosses compensate results. Your notoriety is based on the outcomes you accomplish and the manner in which you accomplish them. Focus on your outcomes. Note: Buckling down isn’t results.

Credit – Offer credit to the general population who encourage you. Fruitful workers don’t work in a vacuum. You should demonstrate gratefulness for any assistance you get or no one will help you once more.

Assignments – When you complete one task, request another. Gain from every one. Fruitful individuals hope to buckle down and be relied on again and again. One achievement does not make you effective.

Regard – You don’t acquire regard by treating individuals inadequately. Treat ‘everybody’ with deference. Workers who perform even the most the humble occupations are imperative to the organization. Gain their regard and kinship and they will attempt to enable you to succeed.

Governmental issues – Perceive that legislative issues exists in the organization. Try not to affront the general population in power. Decide the pecking request and work with consideration.

Trust – Demonstrate that you can be trusted. Keep secret data classified. Make different workers look great. Try not to prattle, put anybody down or talk ineffectively of them.

You Are Being Judged – Comprehend that you are being judged. Your chief, colleagues and the executives all need to know your identity. After some time, your words, activities, results and demeanor will make that unmistakable to everybody.

At the point when new workers pursue these rules, they will push ahead, upgrading their notorieties and helping their bosses. That is the way to progress after graduation.